Photo by Mohamed Dahir / Unsplash

As a travel destination, Somalia has been impacted by ongoing conflict and political instability for several decades. Due to the security situation, the country is currently not recommended for tourism.

While Somalia has a rich history and culture, with ancient port cities such as Mogadishu and Berbera, and traditional practices like camel racing and henna tattoos, the country has been plagued by violence and insecurity. The ongoing civil war, terrorism threats, and piracy in the surrounding waters have created an unsafe environment for both locals and visitors.

It is important to note that the U.S. State Department has issued a Level 4 "Do Not Travel" advisory for Somalia due to the significant risk of crime, terrorism, and kidnapping.

For those who do choose to travel to Somalia, it is important to take extreme caution and adhere to strict security protocols. Visitors should consult with local authorities and travel with a reputable tour operator with extensive experience operating in the region.

In summary, Somalia is currently not recommended as a travel destination due to the ongoing conflict and political instability. The security situation is extremely volatile and the risks to personal safety are high. It is important to prioritize safety and security when traveling and to heed the advice of local authorities and travel advisories.