Travel Weekly — Issue 05

Travel Weekly is a weekly newsletter curating the best and latest news in the travel industry.

Travel Weekly — Issue 05
Photo by Luca Bravo / Unsplash

Welcome to the 5th issue of Travel Weekly, a weekly newsletter curating the best and latest news in the travel industry.

Airbnb announces more party-blocking measures for summer holidays - The Points Guy
As summer holidays approach, Airbnb is again deploying algorithms the company says help it crack down on stays where it believes a party might be involved.
BA passengers face summer chaos as flights axed and staff mull strike
BA passengers could face a summer of travel chaos with the news the airline is cancelling 16,000 flights - and staff after threatening a strike over pay. Around 60 flights per day were struck off till autumn.
Google Launches Cool New Features To Make Planning Your Next Trip Easy
Google has added some new features to its popular travel planning service - Google Travel - making planning for your next trip easy.
Post-pandemic travel: Is it OK to ask another passenger’s vaccine status or request they mask up?
The mask mandate may be over but now we must all navigate the complexities of riding in a metal tube full of people with different opinions on COVID.
When it comes to travel, the metaverse has real life benefits
From virtual tours that will let you try before you buy to VR that helps ease travel anxiety
Traveling soon? 5 smart tech steps to take before you hit the road
From taking a picture of your passport to digital trackers on your luggage, here are 5 tips to make your trip a happy and safe one.
Europe Travel Restrictions: Here’s What To Expect This Summer
Here’s what to expect before you travel to Europe’s most popular destinations this summer.

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