Travel Weekly — Issue 06

Travel Weekly is a weekly newsletter curating the best and latest news in the travel industry.

Travel Weekly — Issue 06
Photo by Simon Berger / Unsplash

Welcome to the 6th issue of Travel Weekly, a weekly newsletter curating the best and latest news in the travel industry.

Airlines press U.S. to lift pre-departure testing requirements
U.S. airlines are pressing the Biden administration to lift a 16-month-old rule requiring nearly all international air passengers with some exceptions to test negative for COVID-19 before entering the country.
A retired couple sold their home so they could permanently live on cruise ships for less than $43 a day
“We love to travel and we were searching for a way to continuously travel in our retirement that made financial sense,” Angelyn Burk said.
New Zealand, Japan and Samoa set to reopen to visitors
This week in travel news: the world’s best hotels, greatest sandwiches and most spectacular railway journeys.
Inside the world’s largest cruise ship - 19,000 tonnes of glass on 14 day trip
LONGER than the Shard lying down, WONDER OF THE SEAS is the world’s largest cruise ship. took a look behind the scenes onboard.
UK airlines and airports scramble to hire staff as travel takes off again
Lengthy background checks and a tight labour market are hampering the replacement of thousands of workers axed during Covid
Global tourism recovering, but not back to pre-pandemic levels
Global tourism is roaring back to life despite COVID travel headaches and the effects of the war in Ukraine, but it has yet to return to its pre-pandemic health. International tourist arrivals worldwide have more than doubled, up 130 percent in January 2022 on the same period last year, according…
Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky on the travel industry’s ‘revolution’
As the travel platform launches major changes to its platform, Chesky sounds off on the future of travel, Airbnb and its sweeping platform changes
Airport delays: Couple waited for hours at Pearson after returning from honeymoon
Many Canadians are reporting lengthy delays and wait times at airports across Canada as the travel industry rebounds following two years of pandemic restrictions.
TSA plans for summer travel rush
(NewsNation) — With airports across the country only getting busier, TSA says it’s stepping up its efforts and bringing in more TSA agents to help alleviate the long lines. In Miami, ther…
China tightens ban on ‘non-essential’ overseas travel as lockdown anger rises
Authorities in China have imposed a de facto international travel ban, forbidding citizens from going overseas for “non-essential” reasons, as the government ramps up efforts to enforce its zero-Covid policy.
EU lifts mask recommendation for air travel as pandemic ebbs
The European Union will no longer recommend medical masks be worn at airports and on planes starting next week amid the easing of coronavirus restrictions across the bloc, though member states can still require them, officials said Wednesday.

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