Travel Weekly — Issue 10

Travel Weekly is a weekly newsletter curating the best and latest news in the travel industry.

Travel Weekly — Issue 10
Photo by Ross Parmly / Unsplash

Welcome to the 10th issue of Travel Weekly, a weekly newsletter curating the best and latest news in the travel industry.

NYC’s LaGuardia Airport has a new shortest route — and it’s just 101 miles - The Points Guy
During the pandemic, Spirit Airlines made headlines for flying the longest route from New York’s LaGuardia Airport.
How destinations are helping LGBTQ+ visitors travel with pride
Destinations that embrace LGBTQ+ communities are rewarded with visitors. Their success shows how tourism can be more inclusive.
Pilot shortages, fuel prices and Covid: US braces for travel chaos
US sees rise in travel after ‘two years of pent-up demand’ – but issues continue to cloud the industry
People are now camping out overnight to get their passports renewed in Toronto
Long lines at the passport office has been the story of spring as people look ahead to possibly travelling out of the country for the first time in...
British Airways Responds After ‘Atrocious’ First Class Breakfast Is Leaving People Wanting To Vomit
British Airways has been forced to issue an apology after a photo of an ‘atrocious’ meal served in one of their first class cabins was published on Twitter
More than 500,000 passengers face having their summer holidays cancelled
A MILLION holidaymakers face having their flights cancelled this summer - with another five million to be hit by hours of delays at airports. Experts fear the school holidays from July 22 will bring even worse queues than those seen during the recent half-term break that included the Queen’s Platinu…
Air travel improving after pause on random COVID testing, industry representatives say
Greater Toronto Airports Authority president and CEO Deborah Flint and Westjet government relations vice president Andy Gibbons talk about what they say are improvements to the air travel experience.
Cannabis tourism: how a new travel trend is taking off
Holiday destinations are creating cannabis-related events and activities to capture a new travel trend.
US removes pre-departure COVID-19 test for international arrivals
Now on, international visitors to the US won’t be subjected to a pre-departure test. However, they will still need to carry valid proof of being fully-vaccinated with them, informed the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in a statement. This move was also made effective from Sunday.
Canada Urges Citizens To Avoid All Travel To Iran
Canada has warned its citizens against all travel to Iran “due to the volatile security situation, the regional threat of terrorism and the possibility of arbitrary detention.

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