Travel Weekly — Issue 11

Travel Weekly is a weekly newsletter curating the best and latest news in the travel industry.

Travel Weekly — Issue 11
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Welcome to the 11th issue of Travel Weekly, a weekly newsletter curating the best and latest news in the travel industry.

Updated: A country-by-country guide to coronavirus reopenings - The Points Guy
Editor’s note: This post was last updated on June 14,, 2022 with new information.
Emirates Hugely Increases Fuel Surcharges Again (Bad For Awards)
Emirates has massively increased fuel surcharges on most itineraries, which means Skywards award tickets will cost you a lot more money.
Details: Air Greenland Airbus A330-800neo
Air Greenland will be taking delivery of an Airbus A330-800neo in late 2022. Here’s what that means for this unique airline.
American Airlines & IndiGo Launch India Partnership
American Airlines and IndiGo have a new partnership in India, providing connectivity and reciprocal loyalty program perks.
5,000 people hit by Heathrow flight cancellations
The latest disruption comes as EasyJet announced it will reduce flights this summer.
Lonely Planet warns tourists about horrors of visiting Dublin
The famous guide has told readers about ‘accommodation shortages, soaring car rental costs and airport chaos’
Air New Zealand aims to unlock majority of international travel capacity by end of year
Air New Zealand expects to reach 75 percent of its pre-Covid-19 international capacity and more than 100 percent of pre-pandemic domestic capacity by the end of 2022, according to its chief executive officer Greg Foran.
‘Travel Armageddon’ continues as flight delays, cancellations pile up: What’s going on?
Thousands of flights were again affected Sunday as airlines continue to grapple with a weekend full of cancellations and delays.
E-scooters were supposed to fix travel in Rome. Then they became a major problem
Introduced as a transport solution during Covid, e-scooters have become a scourge in Italy’s capital, blamed for deaths, injuries and damage to historic landmarks.
Disney announces $110,000 international travel package to all 12 of its parks
The 24-day itinerary also includes stops to India’s Taj Mahal, Egypt’s Giza Pyramids and the Eiffel Tower in Paris

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