Travel Weekly — Issue 13

Travel Weekly is a weekly newsletter curating the best and latest news in the travel industry.

Travel Weekly — Issue 13
Photo by Kouji Tsuru / Unsplash

Welcome to the 13th issue of Travel Weekly, a weekly newsletter curating the best and latest news in the travel industry.

86-Year-Old Flight Attendant Sets New World Record
Guinness World Records has recognized Bette Nash, an 86-year-old American Airlines flight attendant who has worked for 65 years.
Delta Pilots Are Taking Their Hats Off
Here’s why you might notice Delta Air Lines pilots not wearing their hats at the airport in the coming days and weeks.
Nearly 15,000 flights delayed so far during holiday travel weekend
Airlines have delayed nearly 15,000 U.S. flights over the holiday weekend as of Sunday morning and canceled 1,500 others, according to FlightAware. The update comes after more than 2.46 million peo…
Air Canada Announces Major Reduction In Flights Due To Unprecedented Travel Chaos
Air Canada cancels over 150 flights for July and August in response to mounting travel chaos.
UK Speeds Up Checks for New Airport Workers Amid Travel Chaos - BNN Bloomberg
The British government is speeding up national security checks for new airport workers to address post-pandemic staffing shortages that have contributed to chaos for travelers in the UK and across Europe.
Chinese airlines increase domestic flights amid summer travel peak
As domestic airlines gradually resume flights between Shanghai and Beijing after disruptions posed by recent COVID-19 outbreaks, inquiries and bookings for travel products have surged in recent days, signaling the start of a solid summer travel peak, industry insiders and experts told the Global Tim…
Japan eases travel advisory for 34 nations, including China and South Korea
The Foreign Ministry has also lowered its travel advisory for France, Germany and Italy, as well as other 11 European nations, to Level 1 — the lowest on its four-point scale
BC Ferries Cancelled Some Of Its Canada Day Trips & Travel Might Get More Hectic
Be prepared for large crowds! 🛥
WestJet reduced its summer flights as it anticipates travel disarray | News
WestJet will have fewer flights this summer compared to July 2019, in an effort to provide “stable operations” as travel demand skyrockets.
Hong Kong Travel Easing Drives Imported Cases to Pandemic High - BNN Bloomberg
Hong Kong saw Covid-19 infections detected among overseas travelers jump to a pandemic record after an easing of border restrictions led to a surge in international flights.
EasyJet cancels 80 flights as travel disruption continues
Airlines continue to cancel flights as travel secretary says industry must solve labour shortages.

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